What Should Heroes Eat? Nothing Less Than Steak.

Michael Jordan’s Steak House wants to honor Chicago’s best, our Heroes. From first responders, to first-place finishers, from those who answer the call of duty, to those whose actions and beliefs make this a better city.

Our “Heroes Eat Steak” program will single out and reward real Chicago heroes, every month, by treating them to the king of meals—steak—taken to the Michael Jordan level.

It’s the Michael Jordan’s Steak House way of saying “thank you” to those who serve our community and our country. The men and women who stake their lives every day to make our city a better place for each of us.  We want to identify, recognize and reward some of those special people who have done great and courageous things—faced challenges, overcome obstacles, helped others and proven their heroism.

And we invite you to be an important part in this program, as well.

We’ll be announcing in advance who our heroes will be, and we invite you to share your personal message with them. A message of thanks, or congratulations, or any sentiment you may feel.

Simply share your thoughts with us, and we’ll pass them along to the heroes when we present them with the meal they so richly deserve.

As is only done at Michael Jordan’s Steak House, we will serve up this meal with Steaksmanship—our commitment to do everything we can to elevate the king of meals to the Michael Jordan level.

So please add your best wishes to our Heroes by typing in a comment below, or by visiting Michael Jordan’s Steak House Chicago on Twitter or Facebook.

For what all these heroes have at stake, we want to give them our best.