People have been asking us what we mean by Steaksmanship

Steaksmanship. It smells like steak. Sizzles like steak. It‘s even as prime as steak.

But Steaksmanship is much more than steak. It’s about love, respect and an approach to our food and our service that inspires us every day. And it’s what sets Michael Jordan’s Steak House apart.

We’d like to believe that if they awarded a Championship Ring for this level of performance and excellence, Michael Jordan’s Steak House would be wearing the first, and working on the repeat. Because we have taken Michael’s one-of-kind passion, commitment and level of play and brought it into his restaurant.

So, here’s our code. What we believe in, and what you can taste.

What it is:

It is the passion and commitment of Michael Jordan’s Steak House to elevate the food and entire dining experience to the level of his game. To strive for not perfection, but distinction.


In sports, Michael Jordan personified excellence like few others. From college, to the Bulls, to the Dream Team, he succeeded at distinguishing his teammates’ and his own level of performance—to be at the pinnacle of sportsmanship.

Now as a restaurateur, he does it it again with Steaksmanship. It is the same level of passion and one-of-a-kindness that drives us to distinguish Michael Jordan’s Steak House from all others.


By communicating, demonstrating, and leaving no doubt in our guests’ minds, that in the game of steak, only a Michael Jordan steak is prepared and served with Steaksmanship.


His game was always in a league of its own. It still is.


We invite you to be a guest in Michael Jordan’s Steak House and experience Steaksmanship for yourself. And please, tell us what it feels like to you—leave your comments below.