Introducing “Table 23”. Now you can sit where Michael sits.

“Table 23” will elevate your evening to the level of greatness. As you would expect, this special table is reserved for Michael. But when he’s not there, you can sit in his place—with your friends, family, teammates or business colleagues. You can take in the scene from his table of greatness, while dining from a signed menu of Michael’s signature favorites.

The Table 23 menu features MJ's Delmonico—our 16 oz. USDA Prime, 45-day dry aged steak, served with a ginger-balsamic vinegar jus. Plus an all-star cast that includes everything from Garlic Bread with Wisconsin Roth Kase blue cheese fondue and Nueske's double smoked bacon, to a refined selection of other entrées and his favorite sides. In fact you’ll have a handpicked selection from Michael’s favorite wines to his after-meal must haves.

Eating at Michael’s table could never happen anywhere except in his house. And this indeed is his house. You’re always welcome to be included at his table.

We invite you to Contact Vina Moore for booking requirements at